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Red Trip, Green Trip

On May 11, the General Party Branch of Aiyimei Group United Group's Trade Union, Youth League Committee and Women's Congress went to Dayan, the most beautiful homesickness town, to carry out the "Red Tour, Green Travel" party members' creative organization life experience activities.


     On May 11, the General Party Branch of Aiyimei Group United Group's Trade Union, Youth League Committee and Women's Congress went to Dayan, the most beautiful homesickness town, to carry out the "Red Tour, Green Travel" party members' creative organization life experience activities. The activity consists of three parts: "Re-take the Long March Road", "Revisit Red Memory" and "Visit the New Countryside. This event was welcomed and supported by party members and employees. Everyone enthusiastically signed up without affecting production and work. A total of 70 people participated, including 48 party members and 22 employees.


"Go back to the Long March"


At 8 o'clock in the morning, we took the tour bus to Xiao Village, Shangtian Town.Under the arrangement of the instructors, the six teams brainstormed and drew up the team name and slogan as quickly as possible. Under the leadership of the instructor, the team members completed the warm-up exercise, adjusted their state to the best, and were ready to go. At the order of the instructor, under the leadership of Comrade Fu Zhicun, chairman of the group and secretary of the party branch, the hike officially began.

At the beginning of the hike, everyone was in high spirits and walked like a fly. You chased me and tried your best. After traveling to one kilometer, there is no doubt that the strength is strong or weak, and comrades who often engage in outdoor sports stand out in the large army and become the vanguard. Nearly halfway through the trip, the hot weather, steep mountain roads, and physical exertion were a huge test for all the players. However, everyone has always maintained high enthusiasm, giving full play to the spirit of "the Red Army is not afraid of expeditions, thousands of rivers and mountains are only idle", encouraging and helping each other. On the way tired and tired, the team members did not forget to pick up the garbage along the way, keeping in mind the green travel concept of "don't throw garbage and take away garbage", leaving the green mountains and green waters clean.

Starting from Xiao Village, the large troops pass through Shitou Ao Reservoir, Shitou Ao and Shitou Ridge, and finally reach Changzhao Village in Dayan Town. The whole journey is 6.8 kilometers and lasts 2 hours.

After arriving at the destination Dayan, the instructor organized a "water rocket" fun competition. All the members of each team of the six teams worked together to make the "water rocket", determined the ranking through the launch competition, and won the corresponding results reward. While reaping happiness, they enhanced the friendship among colleagues and demonstrated the spirit of unity and striving for progress of Aiyimei group.


"Revisiting the Red Memory"


After lunch, along the folk street, we relived the red memory accompanied by Comrade Zhang Weitong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dayan Town. First of all, we will visit the gatehouse of Wang Fang, which is known as "the style of being an official, honest and honest," and the former residence of Wang Renshu, a literary warrior. In Wang Renshu's former residence, we will listen to the deeds of the "cultural warrior" Ba people in inheriting Wang's excellent family tradition, actively participating in revolution and tenacious struggle. Later, I reviewed the oath of joining the party at the Dayan Party School and swore to the party flag. This is another baptism of my soul, another solemn promise to the party, and a solemn declaration to the people not forgetting their original aspirations and keeping their mission in mind.

     At the Wang Kun Martyrs Memorial Hall, the former leader of the Ningbo Workers' Movement and the president of the Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions, everyone listened carefully to the explanation of the revolutionary deeds of Martyr Wang Kun by Vice President Liu Binjie of the Party School of Dayan Town. The three party members also reproduced the scene of Martyr Wang Kun's speech at three important historical moments. Let us have a deep understanding of the short and glorious life of martyr Wang Kun from the germination of the idea of saving the country, the labor union movement to the dedication to the revolutionary cause. His impassioned speech echoed in our ears for a long time. His firm revolutionary spirit deeply inspired us. He wrote the oath of "inheriting the will of the martyrs, carrying forward the revolutionary spirit, devoting himself to the construction of the motherland and contributing to the rejuvenation of China" in the guestbook.

"Visit the New Countryside"


We also visited Houfan Village of "Minyou Village Governance and Gangwa Art Village" and Lakeside Bridge Village of "3D Red Mural Village" on the spot, and deeply felt the unique charm of the new socialist countryside and the rich achievements of red party building leading green development.

Finally, we took a group photo with the party flag in front of the Wang Kun Martyrs Memorial Hall, and ended this creative organization life experience activity with the sound of "click. On the way back, everyone felt deeply and exchanged their experiences one after another. From this, we can realize that the Communist Party of China has shouldered a heavy mission since its birth, and feel the responsibility and mission entrusted to us by history in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. On the new Long March in the new era, we will inherit the red revolutionary spirit, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, develop strong skills, have the courage to innovate and create, be determined to work hard, contribute to the sustainable construction and development of enterprises, and spend our whole life practicing the ideal pursuit of listening to the party's words and following the party.

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