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Aiyimei Live Team Won the First Prize of Ningbo Webcast Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition

On September 16, the first webcast talent entrepreneurship and innovation competition in Ningbo closed perfectly. Aiyimei Live Team won the first prize of the contest. The competition was jointly sponsored by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the district government. A total of 12 corporate teams and 4 vegetarian teams participated in the competition. After two rounds of competition in the preliminary and final rounds, the Aiyimei live broadcast team finally won the crown with a turnover of 316100 yuan and 320 transactions. Aiyimei brand fashion suits and cashmere coats occupy the Top1 and Top2 of the best selling items respectively. With the rise of short video platforms, live delivery is becoming more and more popular,


Fulfilling social responsibility and undertaking corporate mission, more than 30000 love clothes from Aiyimei arrived in Qinglong

On July 29, a truck full of love materials drove into the Poverty Alleviation Headquarters of Qinglong County, Guizhou Province. This is a love clothing worth 7.25 million yuan donated by Aiyimei Group to help Qinglong County overcome poverty. Qinglong County is located in the southwest of Guizhou Province and the northeast corner of Qianxinan Prefecture. It is a national key county for poverty alleviation and development and a deep poverty alleviation county in Guizhou Province. It is also a twinning county for poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west of Ningbo. After learning that Qinglong County needed poverty alleviation materials, Aiyimei Group prepared the materials as soon as possible. On July 27, 32099 pieces of love clothes including overcoats, trench coats, cotton-padded jacket, jackets and trousers were sent to the special bus for 1960 kilometers.


Zheng Zhajie: Give full play to its own advantages and expertise and become an excellent enterprise with reputation and responsibility.

On the morning of February 16, Zheng Jie, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, went to Aiyimei Group to investigate the resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control work of enterprises, pointed out: I hope Aiyimei Group will continue to play its own advantages and expertise, to do a reputation of responsible excellent enterprises.


Epidemic prevention production with both hands, Aiyimei Group in action

From February 10 onwards, Aiyimi gradually resumed work. One hand to grasp the epidemic prevention, the other hand to grasp the production, two-pronged approach to ensure development. The sudden outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has blocked family reunion, but not love. Difficulties and hardships, we walk with "love"; Together, we carry "love" forward. Together, we look forward to the warm spring and the blossoming of the mountain flowers.


Aiyimei Group's 40th Anniversary Celebration | A Summary, a Starting Point

Aiyimei Group's 40th Anniversary Celebration has come to an end. Centering on the original intention of "being grateful for the past and looking forward to the future", this activity carried out the most beautiful Aiyi beauty commendation meeting and staff performance party, the 40th anniversary celebration thank-you meeting, and the theme performance party of "love, still beautiful". Through the unity and cooperation of all Aiyi and American employees, the celebration was a complete success and was well received by all sectors of society.


Aiyimei Group Donates Red Cross to Help Poverty Alleviation Cooperation between East and West

This morning, Zhejiang aiyimei clothing co., ltd. signed a donation agreement with the district red cross society, donating more than 5.13 million yuan worth of love materials to the district red cross society on the spot, of which 4.9 million yuan worth of love clothing was sent to Antu county and Hunchun city in Yanbian prefecture, Jilin province by special bus today to help the east and west to help the poor.


That's awesome! Aiyimei Choir Won Bronze Award in District Staff Chorus Competition

At 1:30 pm on September 17, the "Me and My Motherland" staff chorus competition organized by the Fenghua District Federation of Trade Unions in Ningbo kicked off at the Fenghua Theater. After fierce competition, the Aiyimi Choir finally won the third prize!


The class is open! Aiyimei Group's Fifth Summer Migratory Bird Trust Class has opened!

In the twinkling of an eye, it was another year when the "little migratory birds" flew in. This year is the fifth phase of the Aiyimei Group's summer small migratory bird care class. In five years, Aiyimei has accompanied the young migratory birds to transform and grow together. On July 8, we started the class as scheduled. This year's summer management class is more distinctive! Different from previous years, except that the employed teachers have changed from college students to full-time teachers, the whole summer homework guidance and activities have changed from a single arrangement by teachers to students who have the right to speak and participate in curriculum formulation and classroom layout independently. In addition, "creative manual class", "migratory bird squad leader", "migratory bird culture wall", and "civilized corner (garbage classification four-color bucket)" have been added. While solving the worries of the employees, they also let the children have a unique, safe and happy summer life. The employees praised them one after another.


Aiyimi Group Innovation Fund issues first incentive payment

On the afternoon of June 6, Aiyimei Group Innovation Fund Awards was held in the conference room on the third floor of the Group. The main person in charge of the Innovation Award Review Meeting and related personnel attended the meeting. The meeting mainly commended the excellent proposal "Improvement of Printing Insert Wrapping Machine" put forward by Fu Xiongfei, a mechanic in cashmere workshop.

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