Everything is because of love, everything is because of love.

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Rich and think of the source, do not forget the root, love, help the disabled, promote harmony

In October 2012, due to its outstanding performance in poverty alleviation and disability assistance, Aiyimei Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Fenghua Sunshine Disabled Care Unit" by the Fenghua Municipal People's Government.


Aiyimei Hand in Hand with Xiao Qiaotou to Invest in Construction of Convenience Center

A few days ago, the author walked into Xiao Wang Temple Street Xiao Qiaotou Village and saw a new building rising from the ground. It is understood that this is a new convenience service center built by the village under the funding of Aiyimei Group. It covers an area of 700 square meters and has a total investment of 800000 yuan. It is planned to be put into use in October.


"Clothes" cycle love boundless

On the same day, more employees just silently put down the bags of clothes in their hands and turned away, disappearing in the crowd. The staff of the Aiyimei Group Youth League Committee will take their love and send it to the Fenghua city of this event. The old clothes collection point is then passed on to every family in need. Until the end of the activity at 12: 00 a.m., the factory canteen donation point received more than 1800 pieces of clothes.


Aiyimei Group organizes employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities

Aiyimei Group organizes employees to actively participate in voluntary blood donation activities and offer love to the society!

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