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Warmly congratulate the successful signing of "Fenghua District Electronic Information Science Park Project"

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At 09:59 on October 24, 2022, the signing ceremony of "Fenghua District Electronic Information Science and Technology Park Project" between Aiyimei Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Fenghua District Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. was held at Aiyimei Group headquarters. Chen Wanli, Deputy Secretary of the Party work Committee and Office Director of Xiaowangmiao Street, Ningbo Fenghua District, Fu Zhicun, Deputy General Manager Zhou Bin, Ningbo Fenghua District Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.

This project is located in the former industrial park of Aiyimei Group, No. 9 Nanshan North Road, Fenghua District. In order to implement the work deployment of the "Five Major Actions" and "Ten Major Projects" of the district party committee and district government, revitalize the stock of land in the old industrial park, improve the intensive use of land and the carrying capacity of the project, combined with the advantages of the park plot, through transformation and upgrading, to create a "Fenghua District Electronic Information Science and Technology Park". The project focuses on the introduction of the electronic information industry based on industrial interconnection sensors, and strengthens the deep collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. At the same time, in the park planning and construction of 5G network, big data analysis and other full-service platform, for science and technology enterprises to provide entrepreneurial venues, shared equipment and facilities and professional services, to digitally empower enterprises with high-quality development. The person in charge of the Industrial Investment Group said that the goal is to build the park into a professional park with high concentration of sensor R & D, production and sales in Ningbo and even Zhejiang.

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