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Ningbo clothing "domestic sales" breakthrough road where

Once strong exports have been blocked by Europe and the United States, and even some developing countries; the pressure of domestic competition is also increasing. The garment industry, which has always been a traditional strong industry in Ningbo, is facing internal and external troubles. Through the interview, the reporter learned that in the severe market situation, to find the correct positioning, continuous innovation, in the domestic market to find a breakthrough, has become the choice of many Ningbo clothing enterprises. However, if Ningbo garment industry wants to make an overall breakthrough, it still needs the strong support and active guidance of the government.


Textile industry to solve "near worry" to focus on "far-sighted"

"Worry more than confidence", a textile enterprise boss expressed such feelings when talking about the development of the enterprise in 2012. Coincidentally, another person in charge of an enterprise who has been engaged in cotton spinning for many years also lamented that compared with previous years, the enterprise's "happiness is not so obvious". At present, although the industry's important indicators of the number of good performance, but the decline in the growth rate of indicators but let the "happiness" discount.


Year of the Dragon Wool Price and Demand

No one knows how wool prices will move after the Spring Festival; but many analysts predict that tight wool supplies and strong global demand for luxury goods, especially in China, will make demand for all types of wool strong this year and prices remain stable.


Cotton prices slow down, imported cotton prices continue to rise

In February, the price of cotton in stock slowed down due to the decline in futures prices. The purchase price of grade 3 cotton by textile enterprises is still maintained at 19500 yuan/ton, with very few transactions. The market price of cotton yarn is still rising steadily, but the overall trading volume is slightly lower, the downstream cloth sales are sluggish, and the price is slightly lower. The acquisition market is divided, the acquisition of 200 enterprises has slowed down, the price is lowered, while the 400 enterprises continue to release the acquisition, part of the lint to the state reserve, part of the warehouse.


China's textile and clothing growth slowed significantly in April

Liang Nan, an analyst at Customs Information Network, recently revealed that due to multiple negative factors, the growth rate of China's textiles and clothing has slowed down significantly this year, and the year-on-year growth of exports in April has turned from positive growth of 18.7 per cent and 7.7 per cent in March to negative growth. He believes that the relevant parties should actively take targeted measures.


China's garment industry top three pressure experts analyze how to break through

In the invitation book of the 21st China International Clothing and Apparel Expo (CHIC2013), the cover background is the famous "discus thrower". He is muscular and full of movement. With the theme of 2013, "Lian Lian", People feel full of power. For such a design, the organizer, China Garment Association, has its own explanation-if in the past 30 years, China's garment industry has suddenly grown to 1.85 meters like a junior high school student, then the junior high school student can only say that it grows fast but has no muscle, and what Chinese garment enterprises need to do next is not to grow taller, but how to practice muscle. in this


Wool winter clothing is expected to become the third generation of mainstream cold products

More and more consumers cannot accept cotton-padded jacket and down jacket with monotonous styles and few changes. Facing the more detailed requirements of consumers, the cotton-padded jacket and down jacket industries are trying to innovate in design and development. However, in addition to the existing two types of cold clothing products, there is still a need for more types to enrich the winter clothing market, and consumers also need to have more choices. In recent years, cashmere and wool products have entered the field of vision of consumers with their super warmth and pure natural texture, and have gradually formed a strong force in the market of various cold-proof and warm-keeping functional products.


Mixed joys and sorrows: the current situation of China's cashmere industry

My country is a big country of cashmere raw materials, but the quality of raw cashmere has been declining in recent years; my country's cashmere processing companies abound, but technological innovation capabilities are lagging; my country's cashmere sweater exports are increasing year by year, but the price and brand influence are negligible. In a word, mixed happiness and sorrow is the true portrayal of all aspects of China's cashmere industry.


European Apparel B2C Dominates Online Consumption

The latest report by international market research report and data company Research and Markets analyzes the development of European clothing B2C e-commerce and summarizes the market conditions of major European countries.


China Clothing Conference: Conveys "Dream" Confidence and Determination

On October 16-17, 2013, the 2013 China Garment Conference was held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. The 10th standing Council of the Fifth session of the China Fashion Association, the sixth member Congress of the China Fashion Association, the first Council of the sixth session of the China Fashion Association, four parallel meetings, high-end forums and the award evening of the Chinese clothing person of the year constitute the main contents of the 2013 China clothing Conference.


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has clarified the direction and focus of the transfer of the textile industry.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Industrial Transfer Guidance Catalog (2012)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Transfer Catalog"), focusing on promoting the adjustment and optimization of the layout of existing production capacity, mainly for 15 traditional industries including the textile brand industry. Put forward the direction and focus of the transfer.


Current Situation of Women's Clothing Industry

Industry concentration is low. According to the data of clothing retail sales of key large retail enterprises in the country, the market share of the top 10 enterprises in the women's clothing market from 2008 to 2010 was about 25% (the market share of the top 20 enterprises was about 35%), while the market share of children's clothing, women's underwear, men's trousers, woolen sweaters, men's shirts and men's suits were: 40.8 per cent, 60.57 per cent, 35.44 per cent, 36.17 per cent, 40.44 per cent and 33.10 per cent. In 2011, the market share of the top ten brands in the women's clothing market increased to about 28%, but it was still low compared with other categories.

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