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Moody's downgrades the credit ratings of euro zone countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain.

According to foreign reports, Moody's (Moody's Investors Service) downgraded Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta by one notch and Spain's credit rating by two notches on Monday night, European time.


France chose other garment and textile producing countries in 2011 to diversify its dependence on China

French newspaper Le Figaro reported on February 16 that French clothing and textile sales fell 2.7 per cent in 2011, but imports rose 7 per cent. China is still the largest source of imports in the French clothing and textile market. However, due to rising labor costs, the price of clothing and textiles produced in China has risen. From January to November 2011, the amount of clothing and textiles imported by France from China increased by 7%, while the number of imports increased by only 4%. This trend has led France to choose other garment and textile producing countries to diversify its dependence on China. In 2011, 68% of French textile importers chose to import products from outside China.


China and the United States signed a 38.6 billion dollar trade agreement involving a number of areas

According to news released by the Ministry of Commerce on February 18, the China Trade and Investment Cooperation Promotion Group recently signed 149 agreements and memorandums in various parts of the United States, with a total amount of US $38.6 billion. Among them, China has 50 procurement projects from the United States, 37 export projects to the United States, 12 investment in the United States, 25 US investment in China, and 25 bilateral economic and trade cooperation projects, involving new energy, agricultural trade, communication equipment, computer parts, software, medicine, light industrial products, infrastructure construction and other key areas of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.


The 10th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO textile and garment industry trade friction continues to heat up

2011 is the 10th year of China's accession to the WTO. While reaping the crown of the world's second largest economy, the largest exporter and the second largest importer, China is growing under internal and external pressures such as industrial upgrading and global trade protectionism.


To deal with international trade friction: industry should go out

China has entered a period of high incidence of international trade friction. Since the beginning of this year, the textile trade friction between China and the United States and Europe has gradually escalated, and the international trade friction is developing from the micro level with enterprises as the main body to the macro policy, system and system. In order to avoid friction, it is particularly important for the industry to enhance its competitiveness by going out.


Egypt recently issued a new garment testing procedures decree

The ordinance, which came into effect on June 15 this year, applies to imported garments, linen textiles, yarns, carpets, floor coverings and home textiles. In addition, the decree limits the formaldehyde content of infant clothing to 20PPM (parts per million), the formaldehyde content of direct contact skin clothing to 75PPM, and the formaldehyde content of zero contact skin clothing to 300PPM.

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