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Aiyimei "epidemic" war "epidemic"!


In early April, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic was scattered and multiple, severe and complex, causing the Group to attach great importance to it.
On the morning of April 8, the group company held an emergency epidemic prevention work deployment meeting. At the meeting, a leading group for epidemic prevention and control was set up, with Fu Zhicun, secretary of the general party branch and chairman of the group, as the group leader, executive vice president Zhou Bin as the deputy leader, and each deputy general manager as a member to study and formulate various prevention and control measures, refine the division of labor, and achieve compaction and precise implementation of responsibilities.
Secretary Fu Zhicun stressed at the meeting that it is necessary to give full play to the fighting fortress role of grass-roots party branch sentinels and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and volunteers. By keeping "small doors", keeping "employees" in charge and keeping "imported materials" in charge, the whole process of "three grasping hands" should be controlled, and the safety string of "people with prevention" should be tightened to stabilize the safety net of epidemic prevention and control. Work together to do a good job of epidemic prevention and internal control, resolutely build a strong epidemic prevention and control line of defense, to protect the health and safety of workers.
On April 10, Fenghua District reported a case of new coronary pneumonia positive infection. The group company acted quickly, arranged and touched the employees of the "three districts" in the first place, set up a psychological counseling and chat group, organized all the employees to carry out nucleic acid testing, and completely eliminated the factory area.
All party members and cadres of the group company heard the order and took the initiative to join the anti-epidemic volunteer team. They stick to important access places such as factories and buildings every day, reminding employees to wear masks, take personal protection, check the code of the place and measure their body temperature. In the prevention and control of the epidemic, they rushed to the forefront, with responsibility and responsibility to guard the "small door" for employees to build a safety line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.
"Keep a distance of one meter before and after everyone queues up. Don't crowd." At noon, volunteers appeared in the canteen, always reminding employees to stick to the "one meter line" and not to eat face to face. They took the trouble to urge employees over and over again not to relax their awareness of epidemic prevention, to keep "employees" in charge, and to work together to fight the "epidemic".
According to the requirements of precision intelligent control, the group company carries out detailed information tracking and entry of imported materials in the provincial material chain prevention system, from material warehousing, outer packaging killing, regional killing to material nucleic acid and material close contact personnel nucleic acid, and firmly controls the whole process of "imported materials.
Strictly check the personal protection, vaccination and nucleic acid conditions of external visitors and freight drivers, and make registration. Only those who are not abnormal can go with each other, and tighten the safety string of "people with prevention.

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