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Aiyimei Group Participated in Fenghua Clothing Skills Competition and Achieving Excellent Results

At 2 p.m. on August 10, sponsored by Fenghua City Talent Office, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, and Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and co-organized by Fenghua City Vocational Education Center and Technical School, the first Fenghua City Talent Science and Technology Innovation Week The staff skills contest kicked off in the Fenghua Staff Service Center Building of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions.


Pioneers of Party members who take the lead in setting an example are commended.

On January 28, at the year-end summary meeting of Aiyimei Group, 11 employees of Zhang Junxia, Hu Yasu, Sliver, India Gome, Xu Xiuping, Fu Yuanda, Wang Yonglan, Ying Zhengfei, Wang Guangyou, Zhang Hong and Zhu Huading were selected as outstanding party members of the Group in 2012.

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